Several Plans to Consider

Whether you're an aircraft owner-operator, service provider (repair station / MRO, A&P mechanic, inspector, etc.) or simply want to learn how to make your own parts, you can sign up now for a Free Trial. Since we make aircraft parts, we can help you with any part, no matter if it's for your car, truck, boat, or whatever. Once you get started, you'll see that the sky is the limit to your creativity. Benefits are listed under SERVICES for each plan below:

My Own Trial
Your very own website for a 30 day trial.

LoopAero Lite
Do-It-Yourself or let LoopAero Rep assist you

LoopAero Pro
Premium support for reverse engineering parts 

Company Overview

Make Parts in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Upload File


Step 2: Make Parts

Step 3: Deliver Parts


Live Chat Support

Once you sign up, we offer live chat support with complete details for manufacturing your parts with Secure Access, whenever or wherever you are! If you have questions, you can Chat With Us! Even with a free trial.

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FAA (SUP) Program

Suspected Unapproved Parts

Click button or call the FAA's Aviation Safety Hotline:

(800) 255-1111

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